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British peer, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett was the 18th Baron Dunsany, whose family seat is in County Meath, northwest of Dublin. He fought in the Boer War and WWI. An excellent chess player, Lord Dunsany drew Capablanca in a simultaneous exhibition given by the World Champion in London; his "The Three Sailors' Gambit" is considered among the best chess stories.

Dunsany was one of the harbingers of modern fantasy, along with William Morris and George MacDonald. A successful playwright, he once had five concurrent plays running on Broadway (Five Plays). He wrote over seventy books, many with a quill pen, others dictated to his wife, beginning in 1905 with The Gods of Pegana, and including the very readable memoirs Patches of Sunlight and While the Sirens Slept. In the words of the ardent admirer H.P. Lovecraft: "To the truly imaginative he is a talisman and a key unlocking rich storehouses of dream." Such magical tales as "Idle Days on the Yann" and "A Shop in Go-by Street" conjure idyllic realms of fantasy far away from the worries of the common world -- though they may well have troubles of their own.

Photo: Lord Dunsany, c. 1943, Art Photo Service; frontispiece, While the Sirens Slept (London: Hutchinson & Co., 1944)

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Photo: Twentieth Century Authors (New York: H.W. Wilson Co., 1942)

Dunsany and Chess

chess problem

Chess Problem by Lord Dunsany

Composed for the London Times Literary Supplement.
Problem #2861 (Dec. 21, 1922, p. 864)

"White to play and mate in one move." (Answer below)

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Solution to Above Chess Problem

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