Cover Art from Selected Books by M.P. Shiel

The Yellow Danger
Grant Richards, London, 1898
cover art
Cold Steel
Grant Richards, London, 1899
The Lord of the Sea
Grant Richards, London, 1901
The Purple Cloud
Chatto & Windus, London, 1901
The Last Miracle
T. Werner Laurie, London, 1906
Isle of Lies
T. Werner Laurie, 1909
How the Old Woman Got Home
Richards Press, London, 1927
Here Comes the Lady
Richards Press, London, 1928
Dr. Krasinski's Secret
Vanguard Press, New York, 1929
Dr. Krasinski's Secret
Jerrolds, London, 1930
Invisible Voices
Richards Press, 1935
Arkham House, Sauk City, 1975
Prince Zaleski and Cummings King Monk
Mycroft & Moran, Sauk City, 1977
The Works of M. P. Shiel, Vol. I, Writings
The Reynolds Morse Foundation, Cleveland, 1979
(second paper state), detail
The Quest for Redonda
The Reynolds Morse Foundation, Cleveland, 1979
The New King
The Reynolds Morse Foundation, Cleveland, 1980
The Rajah's Sapphire
Highflyer Press, Kansas City, 1981
The Lord of the Sea
Souvenir Press, London, 1981
To Arms!
JDS Books, Dayton, Ohio, 1995

Produced from scanned images provided by John D. Squires and JDS Books (P. O. Box 292333, Kettering, OH 45429). Their Catalog of Books By and About M. P. Shiel is online at this site.

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