New York Times, 15 February 1908, page 91.

M.P. Shiel's Strange Ideas and Stranger Style.

LONDON, Feb. 6 --

     A very peculiar novel has just been written by Mr. M. P. Shiel, of whom I have heard one of his admirers say that if he did not go mad first he would one day write a great book. Last year Mr. Shiel published a story called "The Last Miracle," and told us of men crucified by a fanatical villain. Now he has written "The White Wedding," (published by Werner Laurie,) a book dealing with what it is customary to call "the elemental passions," and written in such an extraordinary style that, quite apart from the interest of his story, it is an experience, mixed, pleasure and pain, to read the sentences in which he tells it. We often hear it said of young writers that their style is "Meredith and water." Mr. Shiel's style is rather Meredith boiled down over and over again, till what remains is the very essence of Meredithian peculiarity. I find it at once fascinating and intolerable. All the day after reading "The White Wedding" I kept catching myself also writing in Mr. Shiel's triple essence of Meredith, which is an undeniable proof of the haunting qualities of Mr. Shiel's style.

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