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M. P. Shiel

"He tossed the world about in his dreams,
not with a juggler's detachment, but with a
sense now bitter, now exultant of the tragedy
and splendor that enwrap the mysterium
tremendum of existence."

-- Times Literary Supplement, March 28, 1929

From The Aylesford Press (Great Britain):

The Kingdom of Redonda 1865–1990 by Paul de Fortis and Others. (1991)
Of the world’s approximately 165 sovereign states, by no means the smallest or most obscure is Redonda, an uninhabited Caribbean island with a King and government in Europe. This extraordinary realm became famous though its first two kings, the fantasy novelist M.P. Shiel and the romantic poet John Gawsworth, and because of the glittering intellectual and literary aristocracy that the latter created, including so many famous names. With John Gawsworth's death in 1970 the succession to the throne was disputed among several rival claimants. One of those rivals was a London Barrister who was named "King Cedric," largely at the urging of the late Reverend Paul de Fortis. Reverend de Fortis' brief for Cedric was put forth in this fascinating book published by The Aylesford Press for the Redondan Cultural Foundation in 1991. Though Cedric's claim to the throne died with de Fortis, the book itself remains of importance for de Fortis' insightful account of the island kingdom’s history, its struggles against British imperialism, and the intricacies of the disputes to the succession after the death of Gawsworth (King Juan). Notable for the eccentricity of its monarchs, and the prolific writing of them and of their aristocracy, Redonda is a remarkable example of the Bohemian way of life which flourished in the Soho of the past decades. Equipped with heralds, a university, a navy, and an extremely argumentative peerage, its durable tradition remains vigorous even today.
112pp. 9pp. plates 210 x 150mm., cream wove paper, 400 copies, pbk., with dust jacket. Pbk. ISBN 1–869955–16–1 OP $12.00

A Few Letters from Arthur Machen: Letters to Munson Havens With an introduction by Roger Dobson. (1993)
Arthur Machen (1863-1947) was a prolific writer and much has been written about him, but these letters to an American admirer tell more about the man, from his own pen, than much of what has been put to paper elsewhere. The period is 1923-26, near the end of Machen’s writing career, and in memory his gaze wanders back and forth over the years, lighting on his youth, the sources of his inspiration, his compulsion to write, his hardships, his utter steadfastness to his beliefs, his complete uncommercialism. The Introduction by Roger Dobson gives an illuminating commentary on the man and the writer and links these ‘Few Letters’ with other sources and comments.
40pp. 1 plate 217 x 140mm., antique laid paper, ltd. edn. of 333 copies, 250 paper covers with dust jacket, and 83 in hard covers, quarter buckram with paper sides, numbered 1-83, and signed by Jane Machen.
Pbk. ISBN 1-860055-29-3 $6.00
Hbk. ISBN 1-869955-30-7 $18.00

The Good Machen: A Centenary Tribute Recalled by Arthur Machen, et al. (1993)
With a Foreword by Brocard Sewell and an Afterword by Hilery Machen. With contributions by John Gawsworth, E.H. Meyerstein, Richard Middleton, M.P. Shiel, and E.H. Visiak. A celebratory reprint of the centenary tribute paid to Machen in 1963 under the imprint of John Gawsworth's Twyn Barlwm Press. Originally published as a set of booklets in limited editions of 40 copies, it included, then printed for the first time, Machen’s ‘Ballad of the Armed Man’. Thirty years later the tributes were reprinted in one volume by The Aylesford Press, with a new Foreword by Brocard Sewell, one of the few then remaining people remembering Machen personally.
32pp. 217 x 137mm., (pbk. 230 x 143mm.) antique laid paper, limited edition of 267 copies, 200 paper covers with dust jacket, and 67 in hard covers, quarter buckram with paper sides, numbered 1-67, and signed by Brocard Sewell.
Pbk. ISBN 1-869955-31-5 $6.00
Hbk. ISBN 1-869955-32-3 $18.00

From Tartarus Press (Carlton, UK):

Shapes in the Fire by M.P.Shiel. (2000)
Reprints the 1896 collection of Poesque tales. Contains: Xélucha, Maria in the Rose-Bush, Vaila (the original version of House of Sounds), Premier and Maker (An Essay), Tulsah, The Serpent Ship (poem), and Phorfor. Introduction by Brian Stableford.
Hardback, 233 + xvii pages. Limited to 300 copies. $75.00

Publications of The Reynolds Morse Foundation:
(Now the Salvador Dali Foundation, Inc.)

The Works of M. P. Shiel. Edited by A. Reynolds Morse.
8˝" x 11", 900 copies. Paper or cloth.

Vol. I - Writings.
Offset versions of the serial appearances of The Yellow Danger, as The Empress of the Earth, The Purple Cloud and fifteen short stories as originally published, 1893-1911. Period illustrations by Lawson Wood, J. J. Cameron, and others. 426 pp. Cloth-bound $45.00; paper-bound $32.50.

Vol. II - The Shielography Updated (Part 1, pp. 1-414).
Giant bibliographical tour de force; collations, plot summaries, title-pages; much, much more. Cloth-bound $45.00; paper-bound $32.50.

Vol. III - The Shielography Updated (Part 2, pp. 415-858).
Includes biographical lore, tragic last years, John Gawsworth's last days, The Quest for Redonda, Louis Tracy bibliography, pictures, maps, and a plethora of other material. Cloth-bound $45.00; paper-bound $32.50.

Shiel in Diverse Hands: A Collection of Essays on M. P. Shiel.
Edited with notes by A. Reynolds Morse. Astonishing collection of 32 essays (22 all-new). Contributors include noted authors and critics Carl Van Vechten, Edward Shanks, Paul Spencer, Brian Stableford, Sam Moskowitz, Colin Wilson, Malcom Ferguson, Harold Billings, George Hay, David G. Hartwell, E. F. Bleiler, Mike Barrett, August Derleth, W. Scott Home, George Locke, Stephen Wayne Foster, Don Herron, James Wade, Jon Wynne-Tyson, David Drake, Ben P. Indick, Steve Eng, John Gawsworth, John D. Squires, and others. Over a quarter million words. 500 copies; perfect bound. 8˝" x 11". 400 copies in quality paper, $32.50. 100 copies bound in cloth -- very few remain, $48.00.

The New King by M. P. Shiel.
Shiel's last and previously unpublished novel, also known as The Splendid Devil, is now available. First edition, strictly limited to 500 numbered copies, paper bound, with an introduction by A. Reynolds Morse. An appendix includes a portion of Cummings King Monk's dialog which was omitted from The Pale Ape of 1911. 170 pp. 8˝" x 11". $12.00.

The Quest for Redonda by A. Reynolds Morse.
A separate publication comprising Section 9 of the Update. Gives all the historical and romantic data about M. P. Shiel's Island Kingdom in the West Indies near Montserrat. Offered in a 500 copy trade paperback edition. Profusely illustrated. Over 160 pages. 8˝" x 11". $10.00

Map of Redonda created by Desmond Nicholson and A. Reynolds Morse.
Four color wall map of Shiel's legendary island kingdom. 22" x 17". 500 copies. $5.00

From Gregg Press (Ridgewood, NJ)

Contraband of War by M. P. Shiel. (1968)
The first U.S. edition, offset from the Grant Richards edition of 1899 with the original illustrations and a new preface. Cloth binding $18.00.

From Arkham House (Sauk City, WI):

Xelucha and Others by M. P. Shiel. (1975)
Representative selection of horror, fantasy and detective short stories. Cloth binding in dust jacket. OP $15.00.

Prince Zaleski and Cummings King Monk by M. P. Shiel. (1977)
Seven Zaleski and Monk tales, one previously uncollected; detection at its best. Frontispiece by Robert Arrington. Cloth binding in dust jacket. $13.00.

From Victor Gollancz (London):

The Purple Cloud by M. P. Shiel. (1978)
The revised text, offset from the Gollancz edition of 1929. Cloth binding in dust jacket. $7.50.

The Young Men Are Coming by M. P. Shiel. (1979)
Shiel's last major science fiction novel, offset from the original 1937 edition. Cloth binding in dust jacket. $8.00.

From Souvenir Press (London):

The Lord of the Sea by M. P. Shiel. (1981)
The revised, 1924 text, reissued in a stunning new dust jacket. Cloth binding. $10.00.

From Highflyer Press (Kansas City, MO):

The Rajah's Sapphire by M. P. Shiel, from a Plot given vivâ voce by W. T. Stead. (1981)
Adventure mystery novel. 500 copy, first U.S. Edition, offset from the English edition of 1896. New afterword on Shiel and W. T. Stead by John D. Squires. 4˝" x 6˝", 139 pp, paper-bound. $6.00.

From Centaur Press (Fontwell, UK):

Toreros by John Gawsworth. (1990)
Poems of John Gawsworth, Shiel's first bibliographer, champion and literary executor. Selected by Richard Aldington, Introdution by Roy Campbell, edited with an Afterword by Steve Eng and an appreciation of the poet by A. Reynolds Morse. 6" x 9", 900 copies, 76 pp, paper-bound. $8.00

From Pythian Books (Brighton, UK):

So Say Banana Bird by Jon Wynne-Tyson. (1984)
Novel by one-time King of Redonda (via Gawsworth's contested death-bed oral grant), set around the island itself. Cloth binding in attractive dust jacket, with Realm of Redonda bookplate signed by the reluctant monarch himself. $25.00.

From Roger Beacham, Publisher (Austin, TX):

M. P. Shiel: A Biography of His Early Years by Harold Billings. (2005)
First book-length biography of Shiel, examines his West Indies origins and his literary beginnings in London through 1897. Some 20 photos and illustrations include a rare glimpse of Shiel at 14. Softcover $29.00. Limited to 250 copies.

[Forever] Forthcoming from The Vainglory Press:

Seven Limbs of Satan by M. P. Shiel and John Gawsworth.
The long awaited collection of the Shiel-Gawsworth collaborations from the classic anthologies edited by Gawsworth in the 1930s, with the original illustrations, and a new essay by Steve Eng. Edited with notes by John D. Squires. Date, price and binding not yet set.

The Occasional Publications
JDS Books
The Vainglory Press

To date most of these have been in extremely small editions, intended primarily for a small core of dedicated researchers. Extra copies of a few have been offered to interested collectors, without publicity.

Past publications have included:

The Innocent Hands, by M. P. Shiel, Dayton, Ohio: JDS Books, January 1995, 12 copies.

To Arms! by M. P. Shiel, Foreword by A. Reynolds Morse, Edited with an Afterword by John D. Squires, Dayton, Ohio: JDS Books, December1995, 25 copies.

M. P. Shiel’s Letters to the Editor, Edited with Notes by John D. Squires, Dayton, Ohio: The Vainglory Press, December, 1996, 25 copies.

China in Arms: The Final Revision of The Yellow Danger, by M. P. Shiel, Edited with an Afterword by John D. Squires, Kettering, Ohio: The Vainglory Press, 1998, 25 copies.

Ferguson on Shiel, Edited by John D. Squires, Kettering, Ohio: The Vainglory Press, September 1998, 5 copies.

A Little Anthology of Weird Tales, by Malcolm Ferguson, Kettering, Ohio: The Vainglory Press, 1999, 5 copies.

Dear Malcolm: August Derleth’s Letters to Malcolm Ferguson, 1941-1970, Kettering, Ohio: The Vainglory Press, October 2001, 6 copies.

M. P. Shiel and the Lovecraft Circle: A Collection of Primary Documents, Including Shiel’s Letters to August Derleth, 1929-1946, Edited with Notes by John D. Squires, Kettering, Ohio: The Vainglory Press, December 2001, 35 copies.

Some Comments on Shiel, Gordon Holmes, and Louis Tracy Dustwrappers, Compiled with Notes by John D. Squires, Kettering, Ohio: The Vainglory Press, February 2004, 5 copies.

Shiel and His Collaborators: Three Essays on William Thomas Stead, Louis Tracy, and John Gawsworth, by John D. Squires and Steve Eng, Kettering, Ohio: The Vainglory Press, October 2004, 15 copies.

The Great Strike, by Louis Tracy, Edited with Notes by John D. Squires, Kettering, Ohio: The Vainglory Press, May 2005, 35 copies.

Of Dreams and Shadows: An Outline of the Redonda Legend, by John D. Squires, Kettering, Ohio, The Vainglory Press, March 2011, 10 copies.

In Preparation

The Yellow Menace and The Grip of Evil: Two silent movie novelizations, by Louis Tracy.

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