Letter from M. P. Shiel to Everrett Harre



Sept 24 '29


Dear Mr. Harre, Thanks for yours, to which I should have replied before, but that I wished first to read "Beware After Dark", which I have been reading, one story each evening, as such things should be read, and I can say that l have quite enjoyed them on the whole. I was disappointed in Nathaniel Hawthorne's, perhaps because I expected too much from him, but was pleasantly surprised by "The Quest of the Tropic Bird" by Wilson which I think the best conceived, and the best written, of the lot. I should think it ought to sell: I hope so. If it does, and you do another, let me tell you that I have received from a friend of mine in Buenos Aires one of the most wonderful weird tales that l have ever read, written by him, and printed in some (probably obscure) paper of the part. I haven't it with me at present, but, if, and when, you think of doing another book, write me, and l will send it, for l am sure that nothing by Poe surpasses it.

I note the good things you say of me in your excellent introduction, and that is very gracious of you.

May you go strong, your sincere M.P. Shiel.



21 Brunswick Sqr, London W.C.2




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