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Online Texts by M. P. Shiel



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Reviews of Works by M. P. Shiel



The reviews are organized by work reviewed, ordered by title, with the first date of publication is indicated in brackets.


The Invisible Voices [1935]


Time, June 15, 1936,9171,756333,00.html


The Lord of the Sea [1901]


Time, Oct. 13, 1924,9171,719283,00.html


The Manstealers [1900]


The Manstealers by M. P. Shiel (Lippincott)

Brooklyn Eagle, Jan 26, 1901, p. 8      


The Pale Ape and Other Pulses [1911]


The Pale Ape and Other Pulses by M. P. Shiel (2003)

Review by William P Simmons


Prince Zaleski [1895]


Prince Zaleski by M. P. Shiel (2003)

Review by William P Simmons

infinity plus


"Dweller in the Tomb of Mausolus: The Return of Prince Zaleski" (2002)

Review by Philip Lister

Lost Club Journal (Tartarus Press)


The Purple Cloud [1901]


The Purple Cloud by M. P. Shiel (1977)

Review by R. D. Mullen

Science Fiction Studies


The Purple Cloud by M. P. Shiel (1977)

Review by Marian Powell (3/31/03)

Lost Books


The Purple Cloud by M. P. Shiel (2000)

Review by Georges T. Dodds


Shapes in the Fire [1896]


Shapes in the Fire by M. P. Shiel (Roberts Brothers)

Brooklyn Eagle, May 29, 1897, p. 3


To Arms! [1995]


To Arms! by M. P. Shiel (1995)

Review by R. D. Mullen

Science Fiction Studies


The Works of M.P. Shiel [1979]


The Works of M.P. Shiel and Related Titles (2002)

Review by George T. Dodds


The Young Men Are Coming!


Time, Dec. 13, 1937,9171,758646,00.html



General Reviews and Articles



Strange Horizons: The Spectrum of Science Fiction by Sam Moskowitz (1977)

Review by R. D. Mullen

Rebuts SaM's usual attack on Shiel "the racist."


"Turn of the Century Mystery Fiction ~ Doyle and His School" (1996)

By Michael E. Grost

Brief discussion of Shiel as a mystery writer

A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection


"Shiel's 'House of Sounds' [vs. 'Vaila']" (1999)

Comparative discussion on alt.books.ghost-fiction


"Forgotten authors No.28: Matthew Phipps Shiel"

By Christopher Fowler

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Independent











"L'Abri" (1947)

By Malcolm M. Ferguson

Records Mal's 1944 visit to L'Abri, Shiel's home in Sussex

Lost Club Journal (Tartarus Press)


Black Studies: Getting Started in a Specialty (1988)

By William P. French

Includes discussion of M. P. Shiel as a Black writer





Shiel Manuscripts, Letters, &c.




The Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin

Shiel holdings include the majority of his known letters and manuscripts and a collection of all first editions of his books.  Among the HRC's many other literary treasures are items by Shiel's executor, John Gawsworth (T. I. F. Armstrong).  The majority of this material was originally collected under the authority of Harold Billings, recently retired Director, whose essay, "The Shape of Shiel: A Biography of the Early Years, 1865-1895" is included in M. P. Shiel in Diverse Hands. HRC catalog description:


A. Reynolds Morse Collection

of Shiel Manuscripts, Letters, Editions, Etc.]

Olin Library, Rollins College (Winter Park, Florida)
(Scroll down to "The A. Reynolds Morse Collection of M.P. Shiel")


Gawsworth (Armstrong)/Shiel/Redonda Papers (Collected 1930-1971)

Special Collections Department, University of Iowa Libraries





Redonda, the Island Kingdom and its Kings




Redonda (Antigua and Barbuda), with flags

by Dov Gutterman


Two Kings of Redonda: M. P. Shiel and John Gawsworth

by Jon Wynne-Tyson (King Juan II).

Books at Iowa 36 (April 1982), The University of Iowa

Article by the former King Juan II of Redonda


Javier Marías

Elegant website of Shiel's literary executor and current King Xavier I of Redonda.  He is the author of All Souls, The Dark Back of Time and others.


Articles on Redonda and John Gawsworth (King Juan I).

Reino de Redonda, the publishing house of Javier Marías


The Kings of Redonda

Marías blog at Giornale Nuovo with comments posting, Shiel illustrations


Other Claimants to the Throne of Redonda


King Leo of Redonda

Website of William Gates, King Leo I of Redonda

Kingdom of Redonda Official Web Site

Website of Bob Williamson, King Bob of Redonda





Montserrat, Shiel's Birthplace




Alliouagana Festival of the Word

The second annual literary festival celebrating Montserrat authors will be held November 12-14, 2010.

(Alliouagana is the original Amerindian name for the island.)

This year the theme is "Discovering New Worlds Through Words." Confirmed speakers include award-winning poet and author, Kwame Dawes, screenwriter and novelist Eric Jerome Dickey. For more information, visit:

For accommodations: Montserrat Tourist Board



"Records of Montserrat"

by T. Savage English

MS in the Montserrat Public Library in PDF format





Related Authors




Machen, Arthur (1863-1947)

Author of supernatural fiction. Friend of Shiel.

Arthur Machen at Selected Authors of Supernatural Fiction


Stead, William Thomas (1849-1912)

Newspaper editor and publisher. Collaborated with Shiel, providing the idea for The Rajah's Sapphire (1896).

NewsStead: A Journal of History and Literature.  A semiannual dedicated to Stead's life and works, Grace Eckley, Editor.

The W.T. Stead Resource Site: an extensive and nicely designed site!


Valentine, Mark

Biography and bibliographer of Arthur Machen and others; author; editor of Wormwood, a journal devoted to the fantastic, decadent and supernatural in literature.

"The Inward Seer" is a story featuring a character named Zalyeski, based on Shiel's Prince Zaleski, investigating a crime in William Hope Hodgson's fictional Night Land.






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