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Published September 30th 2017!


Short Shrift: Sorties in Short Fiction


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ISBN-13: 978-1974402182


ISBN-10: 1974402185


BISAC: Fiction / Short Stories


PRICE: $12.95 paperback

Kindle: $2.99 lend-friendly!


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A person bumps his head and discovers his interrelatedness to everything...


A man dies while working on a new invention...

An up-close encounter with nature has unexpected results...

A group of boys playing in the words discover ancient ruins...

A group of friends seeking cultural enrichment get lost in a glass house...

A man tows a floating village by a rope...

A painting found in the trash becomes a life-changing obsession...

A visit the beach leads to the discovery of worlds unknown...

A place where carnies go to retire becomes its own sideshow...

A girl plays a game involving a King, a Count, and the Mona Lisa...


In these and other stories, the author combines elements of weird fantasy, surrealism and the absurd to create a unique universe of odd characters in unusual circumstances.


The 44 extraordinary pieces are written in the “short” formats and arrange by length:

o from minimalist short short stories such as the 60-word "In Fields Themselves"

o through 1,000-word short stories including “The Picture” and “Icelandic Shadow-Trap”

o and full 4,000-word stories "The Kingdom at Land's End" and "Wilfred's Hollow"

o to the 10,000-word novelette The Six-Button Game (itself composed of six intertwined storylines).


The very concept of story is deconstructed and reconstructed according to the author's whim, aiming to achieve an apotheosis of the ordinary spectacle.



Published June 21st 2017!


I Grew These Hueless Clouds

       In the Dreary South



A selection of surreal and experimental writing, including the “semi-automatic texts” of Thumbnail Sketch for Chateau Design and Dietary Notes for Sanctuary Harmonium; et al.  79 pieces in all.


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ISBN-13: 978-1548076665

ISBN-10: 154807666X


BISAC code:  Poetry / American


Search Keywords:  Poetry, prose poems, surreal, experimental



Order on CreateSpace:             https://www.createspace.com/7253979

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Kindle Edition: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073T2VDXM/


Author Interview with Renee Fronte


Published April 1st 2017!


The Adventures of Franco Corelli


The poet employs the fictitious character of Franco Corelli to travel near and far, garnering wisdom from his experiences and poetry from his adventures.



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ISBN-13: 978-1544223001

ISBN-10: 1544223005

BISAC code:  Poetry / Subjects & Themes / Places

Search Keywords:  Poetry, Travel, Adventure, Esoterica


Order on CreateSpace:             https://www.createspace.com/6987323

Order on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Adventures-Franco-Corelli-Alan-Gullette/dp/1544223005/


Author Interview with Renee Fronte

Online Review by Ken Faig, Jr.



Other Titles Scheduled for 2017 Publication...



Reviving a Dead Priest


Notes on Reviving a Dead Priest After He has OD’d on the Secret Stuff


Poems on life, death, time, breath and other mystical topics.




Pantaleon: An Artifiction


Andrew Meriwether, an engineer vacationing with a group of friends, spends a week on an island as guests of its native daughter Silvera Pantaleon and her family.









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